Monday, November 23, 2009

Lil' Tidbits

So, I wasn't quite sure what to post about.  There's nothing really big happening right now that I'm quite ready to post about.  Heck, there aren't even any small things to post about.  However, I do enjoy posting on a regular basis and what to keep it a habit.  Hence, I'm giving you all tiny little updates.

* Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  As a matter of fact, it's this week!  I can tell you right now that I'm thankful I'm not holding Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm also thankful for quite a few other things, but that will come later.

* Black Friday (aka the day after Thanksgiving) is going to be a wonderful day.  I'm not into shopping, so I'm steering clear of the malls, but it's still going to be great.  Again, I'll explain later.

* This week leading up to Thanksgiving is going to be hectic.  The only problem with holidays is that there's still just as much work to do in the week.  You just have a shorter week to do it in.  Of course, I'll take the short, rushed week with a nice relaxing vacation over the long, no breaks week any day.

*Hans and I are anxiously awaiting Christmas.  We are holding a Christmas dinner and Hans' family is flying in from Minnesota.  I think the total count at this point is 15.  Luckily, I have easy dishes prepared.  They're fantastic dishes, but they take less time than a turkey (Liz, my dinner will be poultry free).  Also, due to lack of kitchen space, I've enlisted friends and family to help.  Yay, friends and family!

*In the rush towards Christmas, I've realized I should probably get started on Christmas cards.  I'd like to include a Christmas letter, and I'm just now realizing how much has happened this year.  It's a great year to have a letter, but I'm a little worried that next year will seem drab.  Oh well, I guess I just have to take my chances.

*Cody and the cats have been quite well.  It's been super-rainy here lately which makes for some great cuddle time (they enjoy cuddling).  Cody will probably enjoy the sunshine again, though, since that will mean we can resuming running on a daily basis. 

*Speaking of rain, rain equal humidity.  Humidity equals moisture.  Moisture plus cool and dark equals mold.  Mold in my closet is NOT appreciated.  Now, I have to figure out how all that moisture got in my closet.  The placement of my closet does not match up with the build up of mold.  So, I figure I'll talk to the the rental company about maybe checking for some leaks (the placement of the mold makes me believe there may be a small leak in the roof).  Anyway, the closet has been cleaned and a fan has been placed in there to keep air circulating.  We'll either keep the mold away, or we'll spread it through the rest of the apartment.  Ahh, dilemmas!

Well, that's pretty much my list of updates.  Oh, one other thing, though.  I know there were a couple of places that I mentioned exciting news and things I'm not ready to talk about yet.  Let me make this clear now, before it comes up.  I am NOT pregnant.  Let me say this again.  I am NOT pregnant.  I'm not ready for kids, and kids certainly aren't ready for me.  So, for those of you who let that nasty little thought enter your head, cut it out!  Alright, enough of my diatribe.  I will talk about the exciting news on Friday.  And, I should mention that it's really only exciting for Hans, Cody and myself, and the rest of you may wonder what the big deal is.  Like I said, though, I'll go into detail later.

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  1. So what, are you pregnant? Hahahaha! Can't wait to hear the news.

    Thanks for the poultry free. I do eat it now, but it still is a stretch for my paranoid head! :)