Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacations and Food

Why is it that vacations seem to mean that you can eat whatever you want, when you want? It seems that even people who haven't touched something as wonderful as chocolate in years, as soon as their feet hit past airport security will say, "I can have that double chocolate fudge, triple-layer cookie. I'm on vacation!" Rules are thrown out the windows, and diets are lost forever (well, at least for a week).

I think I'm one of the worst offenders of this rule too. Not only do I say, "I'm on vacation, bring on the food" I'll also say, "I'm going on vacation next week, it's ok if I eat more now." It's like I have to prep my stomach for the exorbitant amounts of food (sugar) I'm about to eat, so I'm then able to eat more. Then, when I return home, I'm left feeling super hungry all the time as my stomach slowly shrinks to slightly better proportions, and I suffer from regular sugar crashes. I end up having to wean myself off sugar slowly just so I don't end up with migraine headaches. Actually, if I could just have a couple of days in bed, I'd probably be fine. Except, then, of course, while my sugar problem would be helped, the exercise wouldn't be.

Oh, and what's the best part of a graduation? I mean, other than seeing someone you love complete a difficult task? THE CAKE!!! What better way to celebrate 12 years of accomplishments than to gorge yourself on icing and pastry? Yes, there was lots of cake to be had by all, but especially by me.

Now, here I am, trying to take responsibility for my actions, and desperately trying to undo what was done. Really, the pants are supposed to be loose fitting! So, what's my motivation for cleaning this week? You can burn over 100 calories just by mopping the floor. What's my motivation for cooking this week? I can control what I eat and the amount of it. What's my motivation for doing yard work this week? Actually, that one has nothing to do with weight and more to do with the fact that our yard is atrocious and Hans is working every night this week. The boy could use a little help now and then.

Anyway, this is a bit of a plea for all those who may vacation with me in the future. By all means, let me have my cake. What's the point in vacation if you can't enjoy the good food around you? Just make me get off my lazy arse every now and then too. If I'm going to eat, I should also work it off!

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