Friday, June 26, 2009


Have you ever been so tired that you don't think you'll ever move again? That's how I feel. Mom and I just spent all morning moving. Moving to a third floor apartment in this heat is a lot like trying to move an elephant with your bare hands. It just shouldn't be attempted.

That being said, not only did we attempt it, but we did it. That being said, we're not totally moved. Hans and I will probably work on a few more things tonight, and then Hans and the boys are moving all the really heavy furniture tomorrow. Thank God I don't have to move the piano.

Really, I think Mom and I made great time. We got started just after 10:00 am and finished just after 1:00 pm. I'd say that's not too bad at all

I have to admit I'm still kind of nervous about moving to a new place, and I go through bouts of panic. One moment I'm freaking out because I'm afraid we won't be able to make the rent, we'll go through our savings, and eventually have to live on the street. The next moment, however, I'm reminding myself that the business is doing well and it should only go up from here. As long as it does well Hans and I will be fine, and I have every faith in the world it will do wonderfully.

That being said, though, wish me luck!!!

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