Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clean Bill of Health

Not for me (although I hope I'd have one too), but for Cody. Cody and I just got back from the vet and he's a healthy boy.

It's funny how much I worry about him. I've been told (and noticed for myself) that dog people can be a bit crazy, but I always try to keep my crazy under control. When it comes to Cody, however, I seem to become that weird, overbearing, somewhat psychotic freak. I'm constantly having to tell myself that it's not a big emergency. It doesn't help that, since I work in the dog field, it's my job to know all the big emergencies. Plus, people tell me all their little ones. A typical conversion in my house might go as follows:

Hans: Cody didn't eat today.
Me: What? Do you think he's sick?
Hans: No. I was just commenting.
Me: Has he been vomiting? Does he look a little tired to you? I should check his temperature.
Hans: Of course he's tired. We just came back from a run. I'm tired too.
Me: I should check his temperature anyway. Oh GEEZE! Feel his arm pit. Does that feel warm to you? I'm getting the thermometer.

It's at this point that Hans will calm me down and remind me (again) that Cody just had a lot of exercise, so he's bound to be hot, and that he's probably had the equivalent of 3 meals with all the leftovers he had. I then decide to pass on the thermometer, but I still sit there worrying about him all night, listening for any changes in breathing or anything else abnormal.

Anyway, I'm quite happy to hear that Cody is a happy, healthy boy. His weight is good, his diet is good. His eyes need to be flushed out a bit, but other than that he's good. Thank God! Now I can rest another night. I don't need to worry again until tomorrow! :P

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