Friday, June 5, 2009

Graduation Day

Yesterday was a very pleasant, relaxing day...for the most part. Actually, I think what made it so relaxing was that I'd gotten about 10 hours of sleep and just felt amazing. Wednesday I was cranky and tired, but yesterday nothing could get me down.

Anyway, while I was in a good mood yesterday, I was able to get a lot of work done. I did lots of research on area businesses, I spoke to a few new clients, and I even ironed some clothes for Betsy (my MIL). Then, Hans and I went into Mankato to get a gift for Emily (something simple, yet useful). On the way there, we got a little side-tracked.

This is where I ask you all to visit This is a new pet resort in town, and it is exactly what I want to build with my business. I could maybe go a little smaller, though. They have over 100 kennels, and I'm looking to only have about 40. That being said, they are still quite impressive. I can only begin to hope that my business will eventually amount to that, but I know my dreams are big. The owner of The Paw also owns the Pet Expo, a local pet store, and a hotel in Florida. He obviously has some big bucks to put up. Like I said, though, I can dream. We were able to get some pretty neat toys for Cody, though. I'm pretty sure he'll enjoy them. I can't wait to get back home and watch him play!

When we got back, Chris and Liz were here with Edward. He's such a cute kid. Hans is scared I'll catch the baby virus, but I can tell you right now that, as much as I love their kid, the thing I love most is being able to give him back. Yes, I eventually want kids of my own. I just don't want them yet. Anyway, I definitely had some quality time with Edward and was able to hold him quite a bit. This is also where I wonder if Mama Liz was grateful to have someone else hold him, or if she just wanted the fuss to be over. I could see it going either way, and I'd definitely understand either way. I'm sure I'll be the one saying, "Back away from my baby! He wants to be held by his MOM!" Actually, I'm like that with Cody, so I KNOW I'll be like that with a human child.

Well, after dinner we went to Emily's graduation. It was actually quite nice. I was very much reminded of my own graduation, not so much because they were similar, but rather because they were so different. Graduation in Peterville is much more of an occassion than it is in VA...well at least in my family. After the graduation there's a party that, to me at least, sounds like after-prom. Saturday there are more parties. Hans' family has been preparing for weeks, and these last few days have obviously been hectic. My friends and graduated, went to Bottoms Up (best pizza ever), got a few cards with money in them (one person gave me towels) and that was it. By the following day, it was all over and I was preparing for college. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't confused by all the hoop-la. I don't get it. That being said, I am proud of Emily, and I'm happy for my MIL and FIL, because I'm sure their happy to have finished going through this.

Anyway, I suppose I'll have to keep you updated on these next few days. Today is a day of preparation, tomorrow is a party. Sunday, something's happening at the church, and then we go home. It looks to be a busy week. Let's see how it goes!

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