Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So, this whole foot thing has really been harder than I thought it would be.  Having to rest, not being able to play with the dogs, not being able to run, not being able to stand up for long periods of time (even folding laundry hurts) is really taking it's toll.

One thing I don't think I realized was happening or would happen is the drop in my energy levels.  I figured I'd have to give my foot a rest, but that I'd be able to do other forms of workouts and I'd be fine.  However, having this foot thing going on is like having a constant, low-grade headache.  I didn't really realize how bad I hurt until I had a moment of not hurting. 

After resting my foot properly on Friday, I felt pretty good on Saturday.  I felt like I was really close to being back to my old self.  It dawned on me that the pain I was feeling was leaving me exhausted and a bit haggard.  Walking with a limp is harder than it looks, and getting around quickly wasn't really an option.  Getting up early in the morning for a workout you're only sort of looking forward to, on a foot that hurts as soon as you land on it, when you're still exhausted from the day before, is almost not doable.

All this is to say, I haven't been the best about working out.  In addition, when I get tired I get hungry (my body wants fuel, I guess), so instead of working out I've been eating.

The worst part about all of this is that I know that if I just got into the gym, I wouldn't be as hungry or as tired.  My clothes would feel better, and it would probably help my foot.  I also know that all my excuses up top are just that...excuses.  What's funny is that around this time last year I was dealing with an injury too. Yet, between February and November I ended up running my first 10k and then my first marathon.

In the end, I'm just learning one day at a time.  I'm learning about myself and my body and my health in general.  I'm learning about motivation.  I'm learning about disappointment.  Maybe I'll never figure all of it out, but at least I'm learning.

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