Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have to say, I'm not at all happy with myself right now.  I'm tired, I'm cranky, and I'm frustrated.  I want to go for a run, but I can't.  I want to go for a swim, but time rarely allows me to.  I want to go for a bike ride, but I just don't enjoy it the way I enjoy running.  In addition, as a way to vent my emotions, I seem to be eating my weight in chocolate.  This is not a healthy way to be.  My pants are tighter, my anxiety is higher, and I'm a lot more tired.

I had hoped that last week's swim session would get me back in the groove, and it helped a little.  I ended up going for a bike ride on Sunday, and I hit the pool for a second time on Monday.  The problem is, on Monday I was sooo tired I could barely even swim half a mile.  I felt drained and icky the rest of the day.  Yesterday, I worked from 6:00 am- 9:30 pm with only a brief break for dinner, so the gym didn't happen then, and today I had trouble waking due to my long day yesterday.  I know, there are a lot of excuses there, but the biggest excuse is that I don't enjoy those activities like I do running.

To top it all off, I'm just now realizing how much cross training I get in at work.  I spend my days playing with dogs (could one ask for a better job?), and that often means jumping, lunging, and stretching around the yard.  I would often employ things I'd done with a trainer as a way to play with the dogs.  Now I can't do that either.  All I can say is, THIS SUCKS!

I'm hoping I can get my rear in gear soon.  I don't like the way my pants feel today, and I like the strong feeling I get from a good workout.  I also hope this foot heals quickly, because right now even so much as a downward dog in yoga seems to be too much pressure for this aching foot.  Basically, what I'm saying is, any tips or advice would be much appreciated.  I'll do just about anything at this point!


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