Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Motivation

I have officially been running every other day for over a month now (minus last week where I took off as a reward after the 10k).  This is a pretty big accomplishment for me, and I'm really proud of myself for working out this week even though I enjoyed the sleeping in that last week involved.  I still worry, though, that some day I'll lose that motivation.  Maybe I'll get sick, or be in a car accident (both things that have killed my motivation in the past), or maybe I'll have a bad run or a few bad runs.  Maybe the weather will get cold, or maybe I'll just want to sleep some more.  It is times like these that I will need some extra motivation.

The following is a list of some of the things that help to keep me motivated.  Use it for yourself, or just remind me of it the next time I feel like quitting

When Cody doesn't get a run in, he becomes disobedient.  He is testy with the other dogs, he barks at people on the street, and he's an all around brat.  However, when he gets the run in, especially if it's a long run, he's a perfect angel.  He's everything anyone could ever ask for in a dog.  His heel is beautiful, his attitude is much better, and he is much more snugly.  This is almost motivation enough.
How could you say no to this face?
I like to eat.  I like to eat all sorts of food.  While I do try to choose healthier options, I feel less guilty about eating a cookie if I've gotten a good workout in.

To Feel Good
When I work out, especially if it's a good work out, I feel good about myself.  I love to brag and tell people that I run 3 miles every other day, and 6+ miles on the weekend.  I love knowing that I'm about to start training for a marathon.  I love watching my times improve on my runs.  It's my little form of a happy pill.

The Sauna
Sometimes it's hard to wake up early just to go swimming at the gym.  It's especially difficult when it's cold outside, and I'm already stiff from an earlier run.  One sure-fire way to get me moving, though, is to remind me of the sauna.  I may be cold now, but I'll be warm and toasty in the sauna.  The sauna's at the gym, so if I want to warm up, I'd better go.  If I'm going to take time to go to the gym, I might as well jump in the pool as well.

I'm not talking about planning workouts or meals.  I'm talking about putting deadlines on the calendar.  I sign up for races.  I'll admit, after the 10k, the only other race that's currently on my calendar is the marathon in November.  This is mainly due to lack of funds (Would anyone care to sponsor me in a race?).  Instead, I've started looking up races and setting goals for that same date.

Telling people
I'm telling everyone about my goals.  Since I don't want to seem like a failure, I'll keep working towards those goals just so I can tell everyone I did what I set out to accomplish.

Hans has been a great cheerleader and motivator.  He's been getting up early to swim with me.  On the mornings that I run with Cody, he'll take a foster dog for a bike ride (Lollie can't run that far).  He's made posters for races, and made me dinner after a long day.  When I whine about it being cold, or not wanting to, he (quite annoyingly) reminds me that I will feel better afterwards.  He's really gotten on board with the whole exercise thing.  Now if I could get him to like fish we'd really be set!

He's ready to crack the whip!
How do you stay motivated when you're just not up to going out?

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