Friday, April 13, 2012

A Grammar Lesson For Dog Lovers

Have you seen this bumper sticker / magnet?

It drives me nuts!!!!  While I LOVE the sentiment, the proper way to form this sentence would be

Who Rescued Whom?

I seriously want to slap whoever came up with this magnet!  I want to take a red sharpie to every one of these magnets I see, and I want to correct it.

My English is not always the greatest.  I'm often terrible with punctuation, and it is not uncommon for me to make grammatical errors, but this one I know.  I even know the trick to figuring out whether to use who or whom.  Let me help!

When asking whether use who or to use whom in a sentence, simply answer the question you're about to ask.  If the answer is him / her use whom.  If the answer is he / she use who.  For example:

Who / Whom ate the cookie?
It would not make any sense to say "Him ate the cookie."  So, the correct word is "who."  Who ate the cookie?

Who / Whom did you meet?
It would not be correct to say "I met he."  So, the correct word is "whom."  Whom did you meet?

In the example above, you can follow the same rule.

Who / Whom rescued who / whom?
The best response is "He rescued him."  It is not "He rescued he" or "Him rescued him" or "Him rescued he."  So, the proper form of this sentence is "Who rescued whom?"

I know this is confusing, but I am asking the general public to try a little harder. 

Thank you!  That is all.


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