Monday, September 26, 2011

What A Weekend!

Boy, was this weekend fun-filled!  I can't believe how busy Hans and I stayed, and today I'm trying to recoup and catch up on everything else that needs to be done.

Saturday started off with a bit of work with Gracie's Guardians.  Gracie's Guardians is a new pit bull rescue in the area.  Gracie was a Michael Vick dog who was rescued here in VA and whose owners decided to do a little more.  They want to help pit bulls and teach people all about them.  Anyway, they've started an End Dog Fighting program where they target low-income neighborhoods and try to teach people about their dogs.  In this program, they invite people to attend a brief training session, receive vaccinations, dog food, leashes, and collars.  It's quite fun really.  Guess who's the trainer for these sessions?  That's right!  It's yours truly!  This past session was especially fun.  Apparently, a few local news stations got a hold of the story, and we had some camera crews filming / interviewing us.  This means I've now been on the news 4 times in the past year...3 of those times for dog training.  Woot!  I highly recommend watching the segment.

After Gracie's Guardians there was plenty more fun to be had.  One of my fellow volunteers with Henrico Humane works for Phillip Morris and Saturday was their Employee Appreciation Day.  To show their employees how much they love them, they decided to give each employee a bunch of free tickets to Kings Dominion.  Guess who was invited to enjoy some of those free tickets?  Hans, Mom, and I all got to spend a lovely day at KD with Cloresa and her husband Mike.  Thanks guys!

Yesterday, Sunday, was super busy!  We started the day out with an amazing training session with Absolute Sports Performance.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Next was church.  As always, it was church like and relaxing.  After that, Hans and I went to pick up a dog from a kennel.  Rocky B needed a home to live in until he was adopted, and we're providing him with one. 

After we'd dropped Rocky B back home, we had a show to get to.  Hans had gotten us tickets to see the latest show at Barksdale Theatre, 'Lend Me A Tenor.'  If you have the chance to see this show, I highly recommend going to it.  It's hilarious!  I definitely enjoyed it.

When the show was over, Hans and I had just a little bit of down time, so we grabbed some hot chocolate and picked up a few things from Petsmart.  Then, it was another trip back home and then back out again.  One of our fosters, Erick, had a home visit scheduled, so we were off to meet a potential adopter.  Things went well, but by the time we were done it was getting pretty late.  So, back home we went.  Rocky B got a bath (he was a stinky, stinky boy), Hans and I ate dinner and relaxed, and then we folded some laundry and went to bed. 

Phew!  No wonder I'm so tired today.  Hopefully I get my energy back by tomorrow!