Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Stages of Sick

We've all been through it.  We've all been sick.  We've all had the runny nose, the sore throat, and the achy body.  One thing I've found is true for me, though, is that I often have a difficult time recognizing when I'm getting sick.  I tend to miss the first few signs and then when it hits full force I wonder how I missed it.  So, I thought I'd help us all out by sharing some of the signs of  getting sick.  Keep in mind these are the stages that I go through.  It might not be the same for you...or maybe it is.

Stage 1: I don't get sick!  Everyone around you is sick.  Every place you go you hear coughing or sniffling.  Everyone you meet is telling you about their cold.  You, however, do not get sick.  You will be fine.  You will defy the laws of germs.

Stage 2: Why am I so tired?  That gym class wiped you out.  Things have been stressful.  These must be the reasons why you feel utterly exhausted.  You don't quite understand why, after 9 full hours of sleep, you wake up wanting a nap.  Sleep is your best friend. 

Stage 3: I need more food! This generally happens around the same time (maybe a day or two after) the tired feeling hits.  You figure that your so hungry simply because your body is looking for fuel to fight the tired feeling, and that's probably true.  The trouble is that you just can't seem to stop eating.  Pizza? Great!  Ice cream?  Bring it on!  Crackers, cookies, pretzels?  Yes please.  It should be noted that, while fruit can be tasty during this time, vegetable are not craved or satisfying at all.  Good luck on keeping things healthy.

Stage 4: There's a tickle in my throat.  This is where everything is just starting to drain, and your just beginning to cough.  Generally, this feeling will be strongest when you're lying down trying to sleep.  This is also the point that a well-meaning person will offer you some sinus medicine, but you will continue to declare that YOU ARE NOT SICK!

Stage 5: Death would be preferable.  That's it.  It's official.  You're sick.  You're not just sick, though.  You're dying.  Your body aches, your throat hurts, you can't move without wanting to lie down.  You will take anything that makes you feel better and allows you to move a little.  You pray for the world to stop turning for a bit so you don't miss anything...and because the turning of the world is making you dizzy.

Stage 6: The worst is over.  Yes, you are on the mend, but you're not over it yet.  You're still tired and sore, but the end is in sight.  I recommend taking things slowly for a bit and trying to rest as much as possible lest you have a relapse.

Currently, I'm somewhere between stages 5 and 6.  Last night was a definite stage 5 with a mild fever and the shivers from hell.  I even had trouble greeting the dogs because the feel of them against my skin hurt and sound of their tails wagging felt like a hammer inside my head.  After a very long night of sleep, I'm feeling a bit better.  The fever's gone, but moving is not fun.  All I really want to do is go back to bed.  I have the feeling bed time will come early tonight. 

I hope you're all staying healthy.  Make sure you take your echinacea and your garlic.

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