Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm pretty certain I'm not the only person writing about this today, but I still think it could be a fun post.

Eclipse opens today.

For those of you who don't know what Eclipse is (ARE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK?) it's the third book in the Twilight saga which is now a major motion film.  If you don't know what Twilight is, I don't believe I can help you on this blog.

So here's the thing.  I like the Twilight series.  I'm 24 years old and I couldn't put down a book that was written for 13 year olds.  I really don't understand why I like them either.  I remember reading them and thinking how awful the writing was.  The dialogue is terrible, the story line is sub-par, but something about them sucked me in and I couldn't stop.  Now I watch the movies too.

The movies are even worse.  There's very little dialogue and what's there is odd and jilted.  The acting is awful, and if you go to the movies now you're bound to be surrounded by young teeny-boppers screaming and cheering as Edward enters the screen, or worse as Jacob removes a shirt (which happens just about all the time).  Still though I watch them.  For the last Twlight film I went opening night.  I wanted to be one of the first to see it.  Why am I not going opening this time?  I want Hans to be able to come along.  I know, it's pathetic and I feel sorry for Hans, but we so rarely go to the movies that he should at least come out with me.

So, I have to ask myself, what is it about these books that has taken hold of so many people?  Does every person have a thirteen-year-old girl hidden deep inside, just waiting to come out (God, I hope not?).  Are we all looking for the romance that only a vampire can provide? (I never thought I'd say that.)  Did the author, Stephanie Meyer, actually make a pact with the Devil and we're all participating in the Dark Arts?  What is it?  My vote is for number 3.  It's the only explanation!

Ok, so not really.  I don't know what it is about them, but I do like them, and I'll just have to deal with that.  Until I then, though, anyone care to go see a movie?

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