Sunday, March 28, 2010


I know I haven't posted anything at all this past week, but I think I have a good excuse.  We FINALLY closed on our first home.  And, yes, that's a picture of it above.

After packing and fighting colds and weather all week, Hans and I finally decided to hire movers.  Yesterday they moved the majority of our stuff (minus a few odds and ends from the closet) to our house.  We packed up Cody, Merlin, Stultae, and Mo and drove out to the house.  By the time we got here (and cleaned up the cats who had gotten sick in the car) it was pushing 2 a.m. and we were beat.  Straight to bed we went!

Then, when I awoke this morning, I went downstairs and let Cody out into our backyard.  Merlin was already there because Hans had let him out earlier.  I watched the two of them run and play and frollick for a bit and then, guess what...I went back to bed!  I knew I'd enjoy having a yard.  To be honest, I'm not the only one who loves the yard.  While Cody enjoys it, he really just wants to be with us.  Merlin, however, LOOOOVES it.  We've found that he's so much more relaxed and mellow.  He enjoys chasing the squirrels in the trees and he has fun playing with Cody when they're together.  Maybe that's what he needed all along.

I'm also impressed at how quiet the street is at night.  I expected to hear more traffic noise and maybe a few people since we're now in the city.  Instead, the house and the area are quiet with the exception of dogs barking in the neighborhood (which, let's face it, is more of a lullabye to me).  Once we're done unpacking and cleaning, I honestly think this house will be perfect for us.

Let me leave you with our first new-home funny story.  Today we had a couple of friends stop bye to see the house.  The dogs were outside.  Apparently, the back door wasn't shut that well because it didn't take long for the dogs to push the door open and come inside.  Cody came and greeted people as did Merlin.  Merlin, however, didn't stop there.  After greeting people he decided to run through the living room and out the front door.  The front door was open...except for the storm door.  CRASH!  Merlin ran head first, full speed into the front door.  Don't worry.  He was fine.  He just took a moment to gather himself and then looked at me with a big, goofy grin on his face.  I, however, was doubled over in laughter.  What a silly pup!

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