Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday: Good or Bad?

Tuesday started out as a good day.  As a matter of fact, it started out as a great day.  Then things turned blue...literally.  Let me describe my day.

The morning was fairly relaxing.  I played online (and wrote a blog).  I read some of my book.  I got a little work done.  Around 11:00 I left for my first appointment.  This appointment is a little ways away, but the drive is relaxing and the clients are fantastic, so I always enjoy it.  This day was no different and I left happy and relaxed.

I also finished a little earlier than planned, so I took the time to stop and read some more.

On to my next appointment (2:00).  This was a little further out, but it was relaxing as well.  I had a consultation and they signed up, so Yay!  It also went faster than planned, which was great because I realized I'd forgotten treats for my last appointment of the day, so I had to swing by and pick them up real quick.

Well, not only was I able to pick up treats, I also was able to drop my tax info off at my Dad's (3:30)...another large task completed.

My last appointment wasn't anything special, but I had fun with it, so it was good.  After I left that appointment, I picked my business cards up from the printers (5:45) and got some medicine for Merlin's paws from Southern States (6:15).  I went home, but as soon as I got home I realized I'd forgotten to get more dog food, so I went back to the store (7:30).  I was home by 8:00, Hans had baked dog biscuits, we worked out (finally!) and I started dinner (albeit a little late).  By the time we had eaten it was just about 9:00.  I wanted to put the medicine on Merlin's feet before I went to bed, so I took him into the kitchen so it wouldn't stain the carpet. 

I never thought the medicine would stain our linoleum floor!  Yep, we in essence experimented in tye-dying our floor blue.  While it might look artistic and edgy, I doubt the leasing company will like it very much.  And trust me, we tried everything from alcohol to vinegar to acetone to remove that stuff.  NOTHING WORKED!  I won't put the name of the medicine yet, because I'm waiting to hear a response from the company who failed to put any sort of warning out, but it has stressed me out a bit.  While I thought I'd be productive all day and get to bed by 10:00 or 10:30, I ended up failing miserably in my quest.  Let's hope some good comes out of this!


  1. turpentine? or goo gone (which does remarkable other things besides just goo)?

  2. magic eraser? vinegar? gasoline? :P

  3. Magic Eraser didn't work, and we tried vinegar the other night. List of things that didn't work:

    Paint Thinner
    Dish Soap
    Magic Eraser

    Acetone worked best, but only managed to lighten the stain, not remove it entirely. I'll still have to try goo gone and maybe Greased Lightening, althought I'm starting to lose hope at this point.