Friday, January 29, 2010

A Little Stressed

Well, it's no secret that buying a house is stressful.  However, buying a house and planning for your company's largest event of the year in one month is REALLY stressful.  Yep, Pet Expo is set for February 20th, and we're supposed to close on the house on the 26th.  Whew!  It's exhausting!

Surprisingly, I've kind of been on the ball.  I've always said I work best under pressure, and apparently it's true.  I've been working all day, coming home, going straight to my office and working most of the evening.  Most of the paperwork that's needed for the loan application has already been sent in, and a lot of the rest of it are things that I can't do, so it's just a waiting game.  I also decided that baking bones for the Pet Expo would probably be a bit too stressful, so I've decided to buy biscuits and put them in bags. 

I am waiting for things to slow down a little, but at the same time I'm happy with all that's happening.  I can only assume that this is a sign of good things to come.  The house means the dogs will be happier and our family can grow.  The pet expo means the dogs will be happy and the business can grow.  Woot!

Alright, though, I know this post is a bit rambling and effect of too much stress on the brain.  However, for all you current homeowners, I have one question:  Any tips?  Thanks!