Thursday, October 22, 2009


I was running this morning and I was thinking about how long it had been since I'd last gone for a run.  It's been about a month and, of course, most of the progress I'd made has flown the coop.  Then I started thinking about all the excuses I used as to why I wasn't running.

*I need new shoes.  These shoes make my feet hurt.
      While I did desperately need new shoes, my old shoes had been doing just fine.  I was using this as a lame excuse.

*Work is picking up and I don't have time to run.
      Yes, work has been picking up (Yay!), but that's still no excuse for not running.  I would always run in the morning anyway, long before I'd have to be at work.

*It's too cold.
     This is probably the closest to the truth.  I'd wake up, try to get out of bed, and jump back under the covers for warmth.  Then I'd invariably fall back asleep.  Of course, I lived through 4 Minnesota winters.  The lowest it's been this year so far is 35 degrees (and that was late at night).  I should definitely be able to handle a 40 degree morning.

The fact of the matter is, though, I didn't run because I just wasn't motivated to run.  I was tired and cranky.  I needed some rest, yes, but I took advantage of the time I had.  It's a shame too, because I really enjoy running.  It's my time in the morning to be myself.  It's bonding time with Cody.  It's fresh air, before all the cars are on the road time.  It's quite nice.

That being said, there's nothing to motivate you like a new pair of running shoes.  I couldn't wait to get them on.  Plus, they're so comfortable I'm thrilled to wear them again and again.  My old sneakers are being used for work (I need to be able to maneuver with the dogs too), but these sneakers are just for running.  Imagine how bad I'll feel if I don't use them.  Yay sneakers!  Yay running!  Yay me!

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