Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cuddle Monkeys

As a dog trainer I have to admit that most dog people (trainers, doctors, competitors, etc) are slightly crazy.  So, I've started to wonder how normal my everyday activities are.  Am I becoming crazy too?

Point 1
Now that the weather is cooler, I have to take Cody with me everywhere I go.  Do I think he'd miss me if I left him behind?  Probably a little, but I know he'd be fine.  It's more that I miss him.  He's great to have around when I get a little stressed, and he makes me feel safe when I'm in what could only be considered "unsavory" neighborhoods.  Most people are fine without their dogs.  I'm functional.  I'm just not happy.

Point 2
Very similar to point 1, if I'm traveling anywhere Cody had better be with me.  I'll admit I haven't even had the opportunity to travel out of the country since I got Cody, but I'm already looking at different laws in countries so I know where I can take Cody and where I can't.  The thing is, I've left him behind before, flown to MN to visit family, and realized what it's like for me.  Again, Cody's fine.  I'm the nervous wreck.  Forget the fact that flying / traveling freaks me out anyway, I then have to worry about Cody.  Is he sleeping/eating/feeling ok?  What if something happens?  How will I get back to him?  God forbid, what if something happens to us?  Who will take care of him?  It's much better to just have him with us.

Point 3
Off subject from Cody now, I'm happiest when all the animals are curled up on the bed with Hans and me.  I know this is a big no no as a trainer, but I like it.  I think it's the extra warmth.  Seeing as I'm always cold, having 2 cats, a dog, and a husband to snuggle with is a big help.  Besides, they're so friendly when I wake up; it starts my day off just right.

Point 4
While I run to keep myself healthy, my biggest reason for running is for Cody.  He needs the exercise.  Of course, I love running too, but seeing those big, brown eyes look longingly towards the door is enough to get me off my rump.

Point 5
I moniter (and get excited by) Cody's and the cat's poop.  Yes, I know each animal's pooping schedule.  This is actually good practice for all animal owners.  Poop can tell you a lot about your dog/cat/bird/horse/guinea pig and if your animal isn't pooping at all you've got serious problems.  My biggest issue, however, isn't that I monitor,  it's that I worry prematurely.  I mean, imagine if you were about to do a number two and someone forced you off the toilet.  Can you imagine the discomfort you'd feel all day?  I don't worry as much about the cats on this one, but what if I'm not giving Cody adequate time?  I've even been known to feel his belly to check if he feels "full."

Yes, I'm nuts.  However, to end on a more humorous note (and to stress the importance of poo) I thought I'd leave you with a bit of Scrubs. 

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