Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Day Off

It's so rare now a day that I have an entire day off- free from appointments. That's why I was so shocked when I saw my calendar for yesterday and no one had booked it yet. That's also why I was THRILLED when Hans told me he was taking yesterday off too. You see, Hans' birthday is on Tuesday, but there's a company staff meeting on Tuesday that Hans should be at, so he took his birthday off yesterday. It was so nice!

Let me start off by saying that we did NOT bum around the house. Of course, we wanted to, but we didn't. We got up early and took care of all of our errands first thing (bank, grocery store, library). Then Cody had a play date.

I'll tell you. Cody and his play dates are so much fun to watch. He tends to release all his energy in one big burst. He'll run and run and run and then collapse. It's cute. Plus, he's super tired at then end, and he has a chance to socialize. There are so many positives!

After the play date, we drove back to the apartment and did something we hardly ever do. We made pierogies! Actually, for the most part I made pierogies and Hans cleaned the apartment a bit. For those of you who don't know what a pierogie is, it's basically a potato dumpling. Some people will tell you it has flour, eggs, potatoes, cottage cheese, butter and onions. Really, though, it's made of small bits of happiness in different flavors. Geeze, they're good. That being said, they are a bit time consuming to make, so we have to have energy and large blocks of time in order to make them. Anyway, we invited Dad and his girlfriend Sherry over to try them. Sherry had never had a pierogie, so it was quite an experience for her. I think they were enjoyed by all.

Hans and I ended the evening by watching Scrubs and then going to bed at a reasonable hour (we were quite pooped ourselves). Doesn't that just sound like a great day. We were productive, but we were also relaxed. Our apartment is clean, our bellies are full, and our dog is tired. You can't really beat that!

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