Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cody Update

I thought I'd just let everyone know how Cody's doing. He's been on antibiotics since last Friday and he's really showing some improvement. He's not itching nearly as much now, and when he does he only scratches for a little bit (rather than the 30+ minutes he was before). His skin is looking a lot better. The coloring is returning back to normal. Of course, there's still a bit of discoloration since so much of his skin had peeled, but it looks a lot better. Oh, and one other thing we'd noticed lately is that he'd been really ticklish. Cody was never extremely ticklish as a pup, but all of a sudden the majority of his belly was a ticklish spot (something I was actually worried about). I guess it's just because his skin was so sensitive. Anyway, he hasn't been kicking that leg at all recently.

Oh, and I suppose I should ask the vet, but here are a few questions. Is as staph infection contagious to other dogs? I know people can get staph, but can they get it from a dog? Once I'm out of the cephalexin, how do I know if he needs more? Will he always be a carrier of staph or will it actually go away? Hmmm, so many questions!

On another note, I'm ordering shirts for Impawsible Pups. So, who wants a shirt? You can order anything you want. There are polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and many more! I'm unsure of the final cost, because it's really dependent on how many people order things. Right now we're looking at around $10 per item, but it could be less depending on what you order and how many total are ordered. Oh, and there's quite a range of colors and sizes. Again, choices differ depending on what you order, but most items go from xs-3XL, and I've seen a few that go up to 5XL. Anyway, just let me know if you want one!

Alright, off to train another pooch!

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