Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fairy Tale Ball and Annie Update

Last night was my first experience with Theatre IV's Fairy Tale Ball (FTB). Wow! What fun! I don't think I've really explained what the FTB is, so let me do that.

FTB is Theatre IV's big fundraising event. It typically focuses around the spring musical. Last year's musical was Peter Pan, so everything was London and Neverland. This year is Annie, so everything was focused on NYC. This event is a fun time for kids and adults. For the kids there's a make your own cookie stand, a game room, a dance floor, a magician, and lots of candy. To make it feel more adult, it's all formal (or you can dress up like a fairy tale character). Also for the adults there's a silent auction, a live auction, a live band, gourmet food, and free drinks. Everything meshes extremely well.

I put my 6-week course up for auction. Unfortunately only 1 person bid, but quite a few business cards were taken. Plus, I made a few contacts with people who will let me put brochures and cards in their shops. Yay! As for the auction, I won an office chair. It's one that I never would have been able to justifying paying retail for, but the price I got it at was much lower. Yay! That's one less thing to worry about.

Most of my evening was spent with Cody (playing Sandy) and Sara Day (Annie). It was a great bonding time for them, and I hope it helps Cody on stage. That being said, after 5 hours there, Cody became a tired, cranky puppy. He started growling at anyone who surprised him and whined when I tried to give him commands. When he came home, he went straight to sleep, and he's still sleeping at my side right now. Poor guy. He did so well last night. And, truth be told, when he started to get cranky, I was happy. It was a long night for me as well, and I was tired. Plus, he gave the guy on the street a great reason not to pet him. Grrr! Overall, he did wonderfully. Everyone commented on how well behaved he was, and he did quite well in his role as mascot. I'll have to post a picture, but he was super cute in a Theatre IV t-shirt and a bow-tie. My dog went formal! Overall, it was a great evening. I definitely plan to go back next year.

Now for an Annie update. Cody is not doing nearly as well as I had hoped. I'm pretty sure I know why too. The first rehearsal went really well, right up until the end. The end of that first rehearsal involved a scene where everyone runs away from a cop. I think all the commotion terrified Cody (he was shaking at the end). Now, whenever he has to go on stage with a lot of people he just looks absolutely miserable. I talked to the stage manager, Christina, last night and asked if we could just get him on stage with tons of people and let him play with Christina. She could also give him commands and treats. That would help him to focus on her, and would get him over his stage-fright. I can only hope it helps. This will take a bit of work, and there's not nearly as much time as I'd like, but this IS doable. And I plan on doing it!