Sunday, March 25, 2012


The one thing I really haven't been able to get over lately is how much energy I have.  While I'm keeping super busy, and I'm working hard, I also feel much more energetic and productive.  Sure, I'll reach points where I am so tired I can barely stand (last Friday around 8:00), but those moments generally come after 12+ hours of going non-stop as opposed to after 4+ hours of going non-stop.  Take yesterday for example.

Yesterday was my scheduled long run, the last one before the Monument Ave. 10k next week.  The skies were cloudy, and it threatened to rain, but I went out anyway.  I was drizzled on a bit, but it didn't really pour until about 10 minutes after I got back.  Here are the results:

I'm terrible at adding maps to the blog, but this basically says that I ran 10.11 km in 1:08:17, shaving a minute off my 10k time from last week.  Woot!
After my run, I was supposed to go to a lesson, but we were rained out, so after discussing what Hans and I would like to do instead, we decided to go to the gym.  I swam a leisurely 600 meters before my body finally said it was tired and would like to stop.  I could have pushed myself farther, but I think I did OK.  :)  After swimming, I relaxed in the sauna, showered, and then Hans and I grabbed lunch. 

After recharging over noodles, we went to the grocery store.  Then we came home, and while Hans helped our neighbor install some flooring, I bathed all the dogs.  Afterward, as the dogs dried off, I tidied up a bit, and Hans started making dessert to go with our dinner (chocolate mousse can sometimes take a while).  At 3:15 I gathered my things and headed off for a 4:00 appointment.

I was home by 6:15, and at 7:00 the neighbors came over to join us for a tasty fondue dinner (sooooo yummy).  At 8:30 we headed back over to the neighbors' house so their two year old could play with his toys.  We didn't return until 11:00 pm (much later than planned), and there were still dishes to wash.  I briefly considered leaving the dishes for the morning, but I knew that would drive me nuts, so washed they were.  Hans and I were in bed by midnight.

That was a long, fun, exhausting day, and I enjoyed every moment of it.  The most amazing thing is that I'm completely functional today too.  Yes, I slept in an extra hour.  Yes, I plan on taking it kind of easy today.  Still, I'm much better than what I used to be after days like that.  First of all, I made it through yesterday, and that's kind of surprising.  Second, at no point did I become cranky yesterday.  I felt tired, but not irritable.  Third, I do have some lightly active things planned for today, and I'm still looking forward to them.  I have to say, life is kind of amazing once you actually start living it.

All that said, my Monument Ave 10K is next Saturday.  I now know for a fact that I can reach my original goal, so now I'm just trying to go faster.  I'm really excited, and only a little nervous.  If anyone would like to track my progress, you can sign up for email or text message updates during the race here.  Wish me luck!

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