Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fighting the Winter Blues

I am on my second week of greatly decreased / no processed sugar, and things are going well.  The stomach bug was a great jump-start, but that doesn't mean things have been easy.  While I feel my cravings are passing, earlier this week was particularly bad.  I think a lot of it had to do with the cold, but all I wanted was cake.  I didn't want anything cold...just cake.  Luckily, Hans and I had picked up some fruit-filled bread last Saturday, and that helped to satisfy my needs.  Otherwise, I've been doing OK.  I'm feeling good, but aside from all that cutting sugar does for me, there's one other side effect I hadn't anticipated.

I feel like I've accomplished something.

One of the worst things about the winter blues is that I end up sleeping a lot.  When I sleep a lot, nothing gets done.  When nothing gets done, I feel bad.  When I feel bad, I want to sleep a lot.  Do you see the vicious cycle?  By cutting sugar, I didn't have to really do anything (other than fight urges).  It was something I wanted to do, and it really didn't require a lot of work.  Now I feel like I've accomplished something.

Since I accomplished one thing, I now want to tackle other things.  I've done the dishes.  I've folded laundry.  I've even cooked a few meals.  I'm going to they gym this afternoon, and I think I'm going to set up a pretty awesome work out plan.  Tackling one hard thing has made it easier to tackle other easy things, and that's pretty cool.  So, for now, I'm keeping processed sugar to a minimum. 


  1. sounds like progress for you. We have a friend that gets the "winter blues" or in her case I thing it is called "SAD - seasonal???) She needs the sun. She has a special light she sits by for a bit each day and it has really helped her. Not sure it we are "talking" about the same thing though.
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas Mom

    1. Oh, I've definitely thought about getting one of those lights. I'm just really hesitant to spend money on anything, so I'm going to try some other stuff first. So far, it's going pretty well.

  2. I'm all too familiar with that nasty cycle! Trying to pull out of it myself : )