Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Step Diet

Step 1: Invite a friend over for pizza.  This will THE LAST DAY you will eat junk food. 

Step 2: Call the husband and ask him to pick up ice cream and candy, because you're going to make milkshakes.  In the absence of a husband, get them yourself.

Step 3: Consume nearly an entire pizza and a lot of chocolate before entering a sugar coma and going to bed.

Step 4: Start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Step 5: See the chocolate from the night before and decide to finish it off.  There wasn't a lot left, and it's better to be rid of it so it's not tempting you.

Step 6: Immediately curse because you just ate chocolate!

Step 7: Move on with your life and begin your day.

Step 8: Eat a healthy, hearty lunch because you've been working hard.

Step 9: Catch a stomach bug with fever and chills included.  Stop eating for 3.5 days because the thought of food makes you ill.

Step 10: Lose 6 pounds!

Yes, I've been sick.  After Sunday I was functional, but my stomach couldn't seem to digest any food.  Today I am feeling much better, and I'm starting to eat some proteins and cooked veggies.  I hated that stomach bug, and I felt miserable, but it was nice to lose 6 pounds.  That said, I don't recommend that diet for anyone!

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