Monday, June 27, 2011

Still Feeling Good

Well, we're going on three weeks now of all the changes and I'm still feeling good.  Things aren't perfect, but I'm handling everything much better than I had been.  I'll be interested to see how things are after a few more weeks, but so far so good.

Pushing Myself
I have to be honest about one thing.  Today, I feel awful.  I'm tired.  I'm sore.  I'm even a little cranky.  Part of this could be due to the sinus drainage I have thanks to an extended allergy season (at least that's what I'm saying it is.  I refuse to call it a cold).  More than likely, though, it's due to the killer work out I had yesterday.

One of my mom's coworkers, Trey, has just started his own personal training company, and one of the things he's doing with that company is something called Sunday Shape Ups.  Every Sunday, he'll lead people down a fitness trail through a local park.  The work out lasts an hour and is only $10, but since yesterday was the first one, it was free.  My mom really wanted us to help support him, so Hans and I headed on out.  At 8:00 am on a Sunday, not a lot of people showed up, but I'm glad we went.  Trey handed me my rear on a platter while I begged for coffee (or mint tea as is my preference).  Today, I am tired and oh-so-sore.  Walking is difficult.

All that said, I learned something about myself through that work out; I am capable of doing so much.  We did things that I never would have attempted had Trey not told us to do it.  We ran (I enjoyed that part), did assisted pull-ups, balance lunges, and leg lifts.  We jumped over beams and ran up really steep hills.  We even hopped over a 4 foot wall (Ok, I really only crawled over a four foot wall, but I'm working on it).  Everything we did I looked at and thought, "I don't know.  Only really fit people can do that," yet every single thing I did and did well (except for that stupid wall.  I'll have to work on that one).  I left with only one thought in mind: SHOWER!  Today I may be tired and sore and cranky, but I also feel good.  Trust me, I'll be doing that one again.  If anyone would care to join me, let me know.  It's bound to be fun!

Up and Running
Alright, I know I said I probably wouldn't talk about this course much until the end, but I have to say that I am absolutely loving it right now.  I love the online support.  I love the fact that I'm meeting women from Utah, New Zealand, England, and Italy.  I love the fact that there's a trainer I can bring all of my questions to.  I even love the lay out of the plan.

Today I was scheduled to run the first day of Week 2, but since I had such an intense workout yesterday I thought about waiting until tomorrow.  Nope!  I couldn't resist the urge to get up and get out there.  I couldn't wait to check that work out off.  So, I dragged my sore, aching bones out the door and got down to business.  It wasn't pretty, but it got done.  I'm really looking forward to my day off tomorrow, but I'm also really looking forward to the next running day on Wednesday.  I hope I feel this way in 6 weeks!

Really, things have been good lately.  I can only hope and pray they stay this way, but with each good day I relax a little more.  Yes, there's still a lot of work to be done.  Yes, I can still get a little overwhelmed.  Yes, I'm dealing with all of it, and I am happy.  Yes!

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  1. Yay!!! It's good to see that things are working out for you and don't minimize you getting over the wall. If you did it you did it because there are plenty of people who would look at a wall and say, "that's not for me". Then they would walk away. Good job! :)