Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making It Easy

Recently, my mom told me about a 24-day flush plan that she's going to try.  Basically it's a 24 day plan with a few meal replacements and lots of nutritional supplements that's supposed to cleanse your system and make you feel more energetic and healthy.  I looked at the products, and they all seem pretty decent (no weird drugs, all things I've heard of, etc.).

As wonderful as all these things sound, though, I do have one major issue.  A person could get all the benefits from this plan by simply eating well.  So, I have to ask myself: Why are we making things so easy?

Here's the thing, making it easy is great for those 24 days, but then what?  Some people may continue on with the program, taking pills, shakes, and supplements to keep it easy, but what about the people for whom that's not an option?  At the end of the 24 days, do they know how to keep their bodies clean?  Are they better off for the long run?  NO!

There's nothing wrong with recruiting a bit of help in your healthy efforts, but allowing something to do all the work for you is no way to get healthy AND STAY HEALTHY.  In an effort to make myself healthier and love my body, I've cut as many processed foods as possible.  I'm working out, eating lots of fruits and veggies, and making sure I get lots of sleep.  In return, I'm feeling better, happier, and all around great.  My grocery bill is actually less than it was, and this is a lifestyle that I could sustain for the rest of my life.  Obviously, a 24-day plan is not something that could be sustained for life.

My making things so easy, we are actually making things much more challenging.  We're costing people more money, and we're not helping them in the long run.  If you are considering something like this, I encourage you to think twice.  If you really need some help, spend a little extra and consult a nutritionist.  You'll learn much more about yourself and about the foods you eat.

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