Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Trip: Part One

Well, I was hoping I'd be able to post each and every day of the trip.  I wanted to treat my blog like a traveller's log, documenting all of our adventures.  However, due to some late nights and lack of internet, my hopes were dashed.  So, I thought I'd give you a somewhat brief overview of our trip to MN.

Day one did NOT go as planned.  We had hoped to leave by 9:00 or 10:00.  We left at 1:00.  We realized before we left that the vet had given us the wrong medication for Merlin.  We realized when we were half an hour away that we had forgotten Cody's leash.  We realized when we were an hour away that we had forgotten Cody's food bowls.  We realized when we were 2 hours away that we had forgotten Cody's vet records (something that I had made a special trip to the vet to pick up earlier in the week).  We realized when we were 5 hours away that I had forgotten my sweatshirt, and I realized at that time just how tired and cranky I really was.  Yes, that first day was kind of a disaster.

Yet, somehow it has worked out.  Mom is exchanging Merlin's meds.  Cody has an e-collar, and we bought another leash (a great leash, and something I'd been wanting for a while).  The vet records already had a back-up plan (we'd forgotten those before).  We had a travel bowl for Cody, just not his plastic bowls.  The only problematic thing was the sweatshirt, and that was solved after a few days.

So, we continued to drive.  And we drove, and we drove, and we drove.  We drove until we reached Fremont, OH.  Then we stopped...or so we thought.  First occupancy.  Second occupancy.  Third, fourth, and fifth occupancy.  Sixth hotel...occupancy, but not in the best of neighborhoods, and not of the cleanest design.  Finally, after driving an additional 45 minutes, we finally found one room (the LAST room) in Toledo.  We made it to bed by 1:00 am.  As long as the day was, Cody still had a good time.

Using his Doggles and protecting his eyes as he smells all the smells out the window.

Now tired and exhausted, Cody decides to take a nap next to the bag of food.

Day Two went much better.  We left the hotel by 9:00 am, stopped to get food around 9:30 and set in for a nice, long drive.  There isn't too much to comment on here.  I did come up for a great idea for a blog post for my dog training blog (something that isn't updated nearly enough), and we did have a great time playing with Cody.

Blog idea inspiration: How to Exercise Both You and Your Dog While Traveling
Practice squats while encouraging your dog to come to you.  This also reinforces the Come! command.  (Yes, I know I'm not squatting, but you get the general idea.)

Race your dog to the finish line.  Cody is obviously winning.  Funny enough, he ran down to the brick wall right next to, and even behind me.  It wasn't until we turned around and I asked, "Where's Daddy?"  that he took off in a sprint towards Hans.  I didn't stand a chance!

We ended day two in Madison, WI.  Here, we unfortunately had to board Cody at Waggin' Tails Kennel (great kennel, btw), because we weren't just staying in a hotel.  We were staying with Hans' old roommate, Dan.  My old roommate also lives in Madison, so the four of us went out to dinner and watched a movie.  I loved seeing my old friends.  Plus, it was here we solved the sweatshirt thing.  Jackie loaned me one of hers.  I'll return it when we drive back through Madison at the end of the trip.

We spent day three with Jackie and Dan.  Most of the day we spent walking around with Jackie.  State St. was great, and she showed us some fantastic places to eat and also some fabulous views.  Then we went back to her apartment to watch 'Up'  That's such a great movie.  By the time we were done with 'Up' Dan was done with work, so we all went out.  Dan and Jackie showed us a great cheese store (cheap and delicious), we had dinner, and we all went back to Jackie's apartment.  We watched 'It's Complicated.'  Great movie, by the way.  Tired, but happy, we returned to Dan's apartment for another night of sleep.

Now, we are on day 4.  We left around 10:00 and arrived at our destination around 4:30.  We spent some time with Hans' dad in a beautiful park, with a beautiful lake...that Cody really wanted to swim in.  Hans' parents took us to dinner at Culver's (a wonderful fast-food place with food that's utterly terrible for you but oh so good to eat), and we took a brief walk through the neighborhood. 

Apparently Hans' parents' neighbors (the neighbors Hans grew up with) now have a one-year-old Boxer puppy, and he and Cody got along swimmingly.  This was surprising on both ends because Cody doesn't usually like short nosed, short hair breeds, and the Boxer apparently isn't the best at interacting with others.  This time, though, they were both very happy..

Now, I'm on the couch with Hans' sister, and my eyes are having trouble staying open.  I think it's time for bed!

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  1. Glad you are safely here! Can't wait to see you guys!