Saturday, August 21, 2010

So Proud of Cody

Yesterday, the nephew invaded.  He came with a butt full of dirty diapers, a bin full of toys, and two fists full of love (or danger depending on who you are).  He had the potential to pull, step on, kick, and poke.  Cody saw a bin full of toys he couldn't play with, and everyone was giving attention to someone who wasn't Cody.

Cody first learned the joys of Baby when Baby became gassy.  Oh what joy a stinky butt will bring!  Cody sniffed and followed, followed and licked.  The expression on his face was one of pure excitement.  What is that odor you carry, and why is it in your butt?!

Our next moment of joy came during snack time.  Cody actually ignored the baby and wasn't all that first.  He became interested as Baby tried to hand food to Mommy and passed it right over Cody's nose.  Mmmm, cracker.  Baby learned the joys of Cody as Cody took his food.  We all then laughed and took pictures and video as Baby handed Cody cracker after cracker.  When the crackers ran out he started giving cheese (Cody's favorite).  It was a good time, and fun was had by all.

Later, though, as Cody became tired and Baby was still playing, things got a little rough.  Baby crawled on him and stepped on him and pulled his hair.  Instead of petting he smacked (as only a baby can), and as Cody tried to rest he was regularly awakened by a pair of little hands and little feet.

I'll admit I was a little nervous.  Cody has been around small children before and has always been gentle, but this tested his ability to remain calm at a new level.  Cody, though, took it in stride.  He stayed by me, hiding in a corner behind my chair, and whenever Baby came by he simply looked up as if to say, "Oh well!"  At one point he was startled awake and gave a little growl, which greatly concerned me.  However, as soon as he looked back and saw it was Baby he stopped.  He seemed to realize that Baby needed some additional care.  Still, though, when bedtime came around Cody was ready for it.

This morning he's still having fun.  Cody's following Baby with a mouth full of kisses.  Baby is preferring to not be slobbered on.  :P  Either way, I'm extraordinarily proud of my furry boy.  Who would have thought he'd be so good?  Well, I guess I did!

And now for your viewing pleasure:

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