Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long Time No See

Wow, my posts are really becoming sporadic. I'm not quite sure why I haven't been posting lately, but I just haven't been in the mood. Not only that, but I don't feel there's really a lot of new stuff to talk about. Really, my last post was about dog food!

That being said, I do enjoy blogging. I'm finding, though, that any anxieties I may have or thoughts I want to share, I'd rather share with Hans or Jess or the dogs. I guess I just enjoy talking in person. Sorry blogland, but I'm not much a phone conversationalist either. I really just enjoy that face-to-face interaction. Like I just said, though, I do enjoy blogging, so I don't really plan to stop any time soon.

So, do I have anything to chat about? I suppose.

I've started jogging with Cody. I try to get out every day, but there have been a couple of days each week that I just can't. Hans is always welcome to join us, but I honestly enjoy the mornings best when I'm alone with Cody. It gives me time to think about my plans for the day and to spend some time alone with my boy. Plus, and I know this is weird, I find I can push myself better than anyone else can push me. I think when Hans is with me I feel self-consious and so I choose to only walk instead of really running (or jogging). Actually, for those of you who know me well, I'm not much of a jogger anyway. I really want to be, but I have a lot of work to do to get there. Cody's a big help because he always needs the exercise. I really love seeing him exhausted. He's so cute and I think he's happiest when he's super tired. Otherwise he's just bored.

That being said, I really need to start moving more. This week was kind of slow for me. I didn't jog as much or get much done around the apartment. I read a lot, but that only exercised my mind. So, when bedtime came around, my eyes and brain were exhausted but my body was ready to run. That meant that I didn't sleep well and I was that much more tired in the morning (which meant I didn't jog or get much done and the vicious cycle continued). I'm hoping I'll get more done this next week. I like feeling accomplished. Who doesn't? Honestly, while I'm sometimes overwhelmed by all there is to do in the apartment, there probably isn't more than a few hours of work. I mean, there are the last few boxes to unpack and then some basic cleaning. Easy stuff. I just have to get off this tub-o-lard I call a butt and work.

Alright, I'm being a bit harsh, but I do need to work a bit harder. Maybe I should get on that instead of blogging! Once it's all done, I'll post some pictures (before and after). Alright, I'm off!

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