Sunday, July 12, 2009

Diary of a Mad Cat a.k.a Adventures of Demon Kitty

Day Two of My Adventures:

Mo and I are here in this new and exciting territory. The woman who goes by Juanita (a.k.a. Mom, a.k.a. Grandma) left us here the other night with my people (the ones who raised me). There was some sort of celebratory ritual involving an odd dish the locals call "pizza," and then we were left alone.

At first we were frightened. This space is smaller, and it is much harder to escape out a door. There is only one canine here, and he is still young and a little too interested in me for my taste. I sense he wants to play, but I must not let my guard down. His "playful attitude" may only be him luring me into a false sense of security so he may have me for dinner. This belief is supported by the fact that he becomes so excited whenever I get angry with him.

My people surprise me by allowing me outside, which I thoroughly enjoy. I thought I might escape, but we are slightly too high up. That being said, I believe they want me to practice jumping. They have supplied me with a climbing tower which they keep placing me on, and whenever I jump onto counters they run at me to force me to jump off. I am trying to make them proud, so I have started jumping higher before I jump to the ground.

I should make more mention of my travelling companion. Mo is slightly more weary of this place. He has found a comfortable spot under the bed and spends a good part of the days there. He is not, however, as scared as he may seem. At night he will venture out and show his affection to my people by rubbing them as they sleep. He may be trying to annoy them, but they so far seem pleased. Even Mo is starting to adapt to these people. At seven years old he is starting to act like a young kitten.

I think both Mo and I are still nervous for the future, but we are finding this new place to be fun. There are still areas that my people do not seem to want me to venture into, but this makes life all the more exciting. My mission: Explore all uncharted territories. Find out what the hairy canine wants. Make my people happy so as to avoid any mistreatment (or being fed to the canine).

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