Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brief Updates

Hi all! I just thought I'd give you an update as to how things are going here. I had written a funny, thoughtful blog a few days ago, but my internet was acting funny and the blog didn't save, and I lost it. It was a very sad thing to have happen. Anyway, updates!

Tuesday was Hans' and my two year anniversary. We had a lovely dinner out followed by a stroll in the park. We so rarely have such quiet down time. It was bitter-sweet not having Cody with us. I couldn't wait to get home to see him, but it was nice just having the time with Hans. Really, though, the entire day gave me the opportunity to think about what a wonderful man I'm married to. Of course he has his quirks, and, like any guy, he can be a bit of a dufus sometimes, but I love him, not in spite of it all, but because of it all. Really, he wouldn't be the same guy without those quirks.

Yesterday was a bit busier of a day. I had my first last lesson. It went well I thought, and I was able to get some good feedback. Friday is my second last lesson, and I hope it goes just as well. That being said, the business is doing fabulously. I'm two clients away from max-fill and am loving every second of it. Are there some clients I like more than others? Of course! The funny thing is, I'm not finding that there are dogs I like more than others, just their owners. That's yet another reason why I can't wait to open a kennel. I figure it'll just be a few more years. At least, that's what I'm hoping. That being said, if anyone needs me to train a dog, please call!

The last thing we did yesterday (and it carried to this morning) was see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I highly recommend. Does it veer from the book? Of course. Is it still a great movie? Definitely. I thought it was filled with lots of humor, and it's Harry Potter, so it has to be good.

Anyway, not much else happening. I hope all of you in blogland are having some a good day!