Monday, August 20, 2012

MTT Week 12- Ten Miles and a Big Event!

This week was fairly decent.  I had one major hiccup though; I had to pee!  OK, I know that's a bit of an over share, but it is fairly important in regards to the run.  You see, I had made certain to use the restroom before I left for my run, but I also made sure I had a couple of glasses of water.  So, by mile 3 my bladder was alerting me that it could use a pit stop.  Too bad a pit stop wasn't available for another 7 miles!  So, I was left with quite a dilemma.  Should I drink the Gatorade in my fuel belt and stay hydrated but also risk a major accident, or should I hold off and keep my bladder in a less-full state.  Of course, running didn't seem to help my urge to use a bush.  :(

In the end, I ended up somewhere in between my two options.  I drank a little Gatorade, but not nearly enough.  Thankfully it was a cooler day with cloud coverage, because otherwise I may have been in trouble.  As it was, my body definitely felt the effects of having less fuel.  The run wasn't necessarily bad, but it wasn't great either.  By the end, I was definitely tired and my legs just felt weak.  Still, though, I finished it.  My time was a solid 10:45 (again, not great, but not terrible).  I think next time, though, I will make sure I've sufficiently pottied before I head out.

After the run, I would have loved to have taken some time to rest and rehydrate, but such luxuries were not afforded to me.  Instead, Mom picked me up (Hans had the car), I went home, showered, ate a quick bowl of cereal, and headed out to the kennel where we had our GRAND OPENING!  We teamed up with Henrico Humane Society and hosted Woof, Romp, & Roll: A Grand Opening Event.

The event could not have turned out better.  I was worried that no one would show up, but we ended up with around 100 people (pretty much our goal).  I was worried that it would rain since the weather was calling for storms all day, but the skies stayed clear.  I was worried that if it didn't rain it would be too hot, but the weather stayed cool.  Seriously, it was PERFECT.  I've already gotten a call from someone who heard about the grand opening and wants to put her dogs in day care.  Hurray!!!!  I think we're going to do great.  In addition, tomorrow we have an ad coming out, so we'll see how that goes.

All in all, this is going to be a busy week.  On Saturday, I will run my first half marathon!  This will be followed by a day off (something that hasn't happened in almost two months).  I know Hans and I will enjoy it.  Wish me luck!

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  1. You are such a rockstar! You're doing such great things!