Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Being Sick

Pro: You get to sleep a lot.

Con: You feel like crap.

Pro: People take care of you.

Con: You feel like crap.

Pro: You can eat anything you want.

Con: Anything you eat makes you feel like crap or tastes like crap.

Pro: You don't have to worry about going to work.

Con: Missing work makes you feel like crap.

Obviously my body wanted me to take a rest.  Last week I had a terrible crick in my neck which put me out of commission for a day and a half.  This week, I felt out of sorts Monday and Tuesday, and I've been full out sick for the past 3 days.  Today, my fever is way down, but any sort of exertion makes me want to sleep.  I do have things that I can't miss tomorrow, so hopefully I feel much better.  Anyway, wish me luck!


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