Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Paleo Diet

Hi everyone!

Today is day 4 of our Paleo diet...sort of.  I'll explain in a minute.  So far, I've loved it!!!  I've been eager to make the foods, and I've gotten loads of veggies.  Surprisingly, I haven't even missed the bread that would normally go with my food, but I am grateful that Paleo is not the same as no carbs.  I do love my fruit.  I've also enjoyed discovering new foods like almond butter, and Hans has discovered the joys of mango.  Oh, and my favorite part is that coconut is a big part of EVERYTHING.  Being a huge coconut lover, this is definitely the lifestyle for me...although Hans is having second thoughts.  :)

So let me tell you where the "sort of" comes in.  On Monday, I started feeling sick.  Nothing much, just really tired and a scratchy throat.  I thought it was bad allergies.  On Tuesday, I really didn't feel good.  On one of my breaks between lessons, instead of walking the dogs or getting caught up on paperwork, I just slept...and slept and slept.  Yesterday, I felt like death warmed over.  I went to two appointments, and then decided I couldn't do anymore.  I called and cancelled my remaining lessons, and I went straight home.  I changed into my pajamas and curled up on the couch with a box of tissues.

Around 4:00, my tummy alerted me it was hungry, but I still felt awful.  I wanted ants on a log (celery sticks with almond butter, raisins and coconut), but I couldn't muster the energy to make them.  When Hans got home around 6:00, I was still hungry, so he brought me some raisins to hold me over until he let dogs out.  (Side note: God bless my husband.  He's a saint.)  Raisins have always been something I could eat when nothing else sounded good, so that was a good choice.  By the time he finished letting dogs out, I had spiked a fever.  It was only 99.5, but my normal is 97.2, so 99s are fairly high for me.  Hans asked me if I'd like ants on a log.  My belly answered yes, but my jaw and head decided that celery was too crunchy.  I thought of everything we had in the house, and aside from a box of raisin (hello fruit-induced bowel movement), nothing sounded good.  Nothing, that is, except for ice cream.

I fought it off as long as I could, but when it got to the point where raisins and ice cream were the only things I could think of without wanting to vomit, I gave in.  It was a small bowl, but it was ice cream all the same.  I had more for breakfast this morning, and I don't feel bad about it.  If I'd had the ingredients, I may have asked Hans to make some Paleo ice cream (which just sounds delicious, by the way), but I didn't, and I didn't want to ask Hans to do more than he already was.  (I'm telling you, that man is a saint.)  I allowed myself to have ice cream, and I'm OK with it.

This morning, my fever is down, but I still feel like poop (which is better than death).  I have a stuffy nose, and a horrible cough.  It's 70 degrees out, but I'm wrapped up in blankets.  I'm thinking about lunch, and right now the thought of eating anything is sickening.  Maybe I'll be able to handle some avocado.  I could put some tuna in it, but the thought of that much flavor is sickening.  I suppose my stomach will decide later.  For now, I'm going to curl back under the covers and take a nap.