Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I Am Grateful For When The Power Goes Out

Yeah, there's still not any power, and it doesn't look like we'll have it today either.  There's no reason to be glum, though.  There are a lot of things to be grateful for.

  • No TV, computers, cell phones, ect.   Yeah, I know a lot of you wouldn't initially agree with this, but bear with me.  I whole-heartedly feel that all those electronics can be a huge distraction from the more important things in life, and that we use them to hide way too much.  While I still need my cell phone to stay in touch with family and my computer for work, I can easily plug them in to charge at the theater or at a coffee shop.  When I get home, I can whole-heartedly devote myself to being home.  I like that.
  • No A/C.  Yeah, that's another one plenty would disagree with.  I, however, did not grow up with a/c.  I was able to teach myself how to relax and stay cool (something I could never master in reverse when I was in MN).  Instead of making me feel comfortable, the a/c often makes me feel dried-out and sometimes even too cold while others are still hot.  Sure, I wish the ice maker worked or that I had a fan, but I'm perfectly comfortable without those too.  Oh, and I'm grateful it's only in the 80s this week.
  • Good books and the ability to read.  Need I say more?  Those books are helping me get through this week.
  • Long conversations.  This ties back in to the no tv/computers thing, but I think it should be stated separately too.  Hans and I have been spending time simply enjoying each other's company.  We're playing board games, talking, and heading outdoors for some recreation.  Usually we'd just be planted in front of the tv.
  • Good neighbors Our neighbors have a generator, and they've been great.  We're storing some milk and jam at their place (breakfast essentials in my book), and they keep checking to see if there's anything we need.  It makes me happy to know they're so great.
  • Good employment.  Hans works in a theater.  That means there's a refrigerator, a washer/dryer, and lots of outlets.  So far, we've utilized all of those.  Without that, I think this power outage would be much more inconvenient.  Also, without his income or the meager income I provide, we would not be able to afford eating out when we want a hot meal and don't have time for the grill.
  • The gym.  We have water, but we don't have hot water.  Thank you Gold's Gym for your warm showers.  Oh, and thanks too for the pool and work-out equipment, but I was using that before the power outage.
See?  There's loads to be grateful for.  I refuse to complain about the few inconveniences, but would rather see how much good is coming from this.  Hurrah!