Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes

Ok, so I love that song a little more than I should, but it's definitely perfect for my mood change today.  I'm feeling much happier today.  Yes, I can tell my cloudy mood is still waiting to rush in, but today is sunny.  So, what's different?  What changed?  Well, a few things.

First, I finally (finally!!!) got my video ad in for Impawsible Pups.  I been anxiously awaiting this moment since the end of October!  It's absolutely beautiful too.  Ok, so I'm biased, but I'd definitely choose this videographer again.  If you haven't seen it yet, go to my previous post and watch it.  Do you have a favorite scene?  My favorite scene is the one where Cody is jumping in the air after his toy.  He looks so happy!

Second, I have some really wonderful friends, and I don't even think they realize how wonderful they are.  Recently, I have felt utterly alone.  I felt like my only friends in the world were Hans and Cody, and Hans didn't count because he's my husband (he has to like me...or at least tolerate me), and Cody counted plenty, but he still couldn't quite make up for a human interaction.  That said, Cody was one of the few things that brought me solace.  I felt old and tired and alone.  It's not a great combo.

Yesterday, however, I got a message from a friend that made me smile.  That was a help.  Then last night, I posted that video, and I got some good responses from some old friends.  That was an ego boost.  Then, out of the blue (not related to the video at all), Jess called to see if I could hang out.  She said she wanted to see me before Christmas, and I was instantly reminded of what a dear friend she is.  Lastly, I had a brief chat session with my old roommate.  It wasn't much, but it was a good reminder that I'm not forgotten.

All of a sudden, I don't feel so old and lonely.  I'm still tired, but that has other sources.  I know my friends haven't forgotten me.  Sure, we're all busy, and many of us are broke (making get-togethers difficult unless they're free), but we're still there for each other. 

So, let's hope this mood stays this way for a little while.  I definitely like it better than the one I'd been in before.

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