Monday, December 20, 2010

The Past Few Weeks

The past few weeks haven't been the greatest for me.  I've been in a serious funk.  While everyone else is gearing up for Christmas and time with family, I feel like Scrooge saying things like, "Bah!  Humbug!"  It really stinks.

I know this is in part due to stress.  I'm still dealing with the accident from Nov. 16th, I'm trying to fit a week's worth clients into 3 or 4 days, and then into two days since Hans and I are planning a trip to visit his family in NC, days are shorter making me tired faster, attractive Christmas food is leaving behind not-so-attractive thighs, and to top it all off I still haven't even gotten out Christmas cards.  Actually, I haven't even gotten presents for most of my family.  That said, I probably won't be able to get them before Christmas anyway, so I should probably stop worrying about that.  Really, my dream right now would be to hire a team of people to do everything for me (including a nutritionist and personal trainer), but that dream isn't happening today.

Instead of devoting my time to the tasks at hand, I'm finding I'm becoming frustrated and giving up.  I don't want to clean.  A nap is better.  That's my mentality.  Of course, this leaves me feeling even more defeated and upset.  It's like I told Hans last night, "I need to be motivated so I feel better, but feeling better would make me motivated."  It's a vicious cycle!  A credit to Hans is that he's been wonderful through my torrential mood swings.  And trust me, I've taken out a lot on him.

I'm hoping I can come out of my funk in time for Christmas, and I am looking forward to Hans opening his present.  That should be exciting.  That said, to any family members who may be reading this, please excuse delayed presents.  To anyone else reading this, please excuse a lack of posts.  I'm  just not in the mood.

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  1. Funks come and funks go and all we can do is to trudge through them. Keep on truckin' girl. As the lady said in your ad, you have a lot of talent!