Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finally Getting Some Work Done

Let me start off by saying that one job is so much easier than two.  I know that's kind of a, "Well, Duh!" statement, but I couldn't help it.  I'm amazed at how much easier life has been this past week, and it's only Wednesday.

I've spent the past two days practically living in my office getting caught up on all the things that had been put on the back burner.  Of course, I had to leave for appointments, but unless I was with a dog I was working in my office.  There's still more to do!  I don't think I had realized how much stuff wasn't getting done.  Plus, I'm starting a few new projects in the winter (if all goes as planned), so I've really been taking some extra time to work on all that.

I feel like my life has been Go-Go-Go, but at the same time it doesn't seem hassled or stressed.  I look at all I have to get done, and I feel like there is actually some time to do it.  Yes, I wish the days had about an extra 5 hours in them, but my current schedule is working out just fine.  This is not how I felt a week ago, and certainly not how I felt two weeks ago.  Thank goodness life is getting easier!

More On the Best Husband
So, my last post was about how amazing Hans has been.  He still is.  I think I have to write this portion of the post simply because of the amazing dinner he made last night.  His goal is to make two new recipes a week, and last night was one of the new ones.  

We had pan-seared chicken with a mushroom sauce.  Yummm!  He also added in some rice and green beans, but those were simply side dishes.  The main course was amazing.  I never thought he'd make something with mushrooms, but not only did he surprise me by making it, he surprised me by eating 2 of the 3 mushrooms on his plate.

I am seriously loving this whole Hans cooks thing.  We were chatting last night about finances, and Hans mentioned working another show.  We probably would have gone for it, except then we wouldn't be getting these great dinners.  Seriously!  I left the house yesterday at 5:30 and returned at 7:30.  Do you really think I'd then take an hour or two to make such an amazing meal?  Heck no!  I'd probably just eat oatmeal or crackers at every meal.  I like this method much better!

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