Monday, April 4, 2011

The Weekend

Well, that was quite a weekend.  I really won't give an introduction, so here you go!

I had a lot planned for Saturday.  I had a day full of appointments, and our new washer and dryer were scheduled to be delivered.  Hans went in to help set up for a big event at work, then he took the Sprinkles to adoption stand, and then he came home to wait for the washer and dryer.

First, I got 3 consecutive calls from the delivery people, but I was on another line and couldn't answer the call.  When I called back, I was told (in not so nice a manner) that because I hadn't answered my phone, they weren't sure if they should go to the front of the house or down the alley to the back of the house, and so they had driven down the alley and had gotten stuck.  Appliances are now delayed.

Two hours later, I got a call from the delivery company asking how the delivery service was and if I had liked it.  I called Hans to see if we had gotten the washer and dryer, and he said we had not.  Oh, and they weren't stuck anymore either.

To make a very long story short, the delivery people had taken the washer and dryer to the wrong house...2 blocks away.  The guy at that house happily accepted our washer and dryer.  When the delivery people went back to the house to retrieve our washer and dryer, the guy at the house said that another delivery person had already picked them up.

So, what happened next?  Well, police were called, and we found out that this gentleman was no stranger to law enforcement.  After a few stressful hours, the guy's landlord arrived and let the police and delivery men into the house to see if they could find it.  Our washer and dryer had been moved to a different room and covered in blankets.  I guess he thought no one would notice!

So, 4 hours after they were supposed to have arrived, we FINALLY got our washer and dryer.  We did think about sending them back and demanding new ones, but these were still perfectly fine.  Plus, Hans tested them to make sure they worked before the delivery guys left.  Oh, and we really needed to do laundry!

That said, I LOVE our new washer and dryer.  I want to wear multiple outfits throughout the day, just so I can wash more clothes.  They hold so much more, and our comforter seems so much cleaner now that it actually fits!  I find myself staring at the machine as it senses the size of a load and marveling at the spray patterns.  Yay!

Sunday was a much less eventful day, and it was MUCH more fun.  After Mass, Hans and I went to the Tavern to see A Thousand Clowns.  I love seeing sets that Hans has helped to build.  On top of that, I love shows at the Tavern because I have such good memories of that place from my childhood.  On top of that, I love seeing Scott Wichman (lead in A Thousand Clowns) because he's just down-right amazing.  So, that was a fabulous afternoon!

After the show, Cody, Hans and I had a play date.  When Cody was a wee pup of only a year, we met an even younger pup named Oliver.  Cody and Ollie loved to play in the dog park together, but alas, their friendship was torn apart due to a job transfer.  At our most recent show, we saw Ollie and his mom, Shannon.  Apparently, they were back!  Hurray!!!  So, we got the boys together for some fun.  Out to the river we went!

Oh, how I wish I had taken my real camera and not just my cell phone.  Watching them run and jump and play was so much fun.  I loved watching them splash and swim and retrieve sticks and frisbees (did I mention we took them to the river?).  Watching all that pent up energy rush out of them as they worked and stretched their legs for what seems like the first time all year was such a relief and joy.  Hearing Cody whimper and seeing him shiver as the sun started to set and the temperature dropped melted my heart.  Having Cody snuggle up, exhausted after a too-short afternoon of fun, warmed my whole being. 

I am so happy Cody's friend is back.  For that matter, I'm happy his mom is back too (I like having friends also).  There is just something about two soaking wet Doodles that leaves a great big grin on my face.  To Ollie and Shannon: Can we do that again?!

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