Friday, April 8, 2011

R.I.P. Zisc

Last Sunday at the river was so much fun, we decided to do it again.  The day was grayer and wetter, and the river was a little higher, but we decided we could still enjoy the hike and possibly find a calm spot for the boys to swim.

Where we went swimming on Sunday, while higher, still looked OK, so we let the dogs jump in and splash.  Ollie had a Wubba Kong and would leap from the bank, into the water, and come back triumphantly.  We started with short throws of Cody's Zisc (an awesome frisbee made of SUPER-TOUGH material), but after seeing how comfortable Cody was we started throwing it farther.  We never threw it too far, but we definitely made Cody work for it.

And then came the fateful toss.  We threw it out, Cody jumped for it.  This time, though, instead of retrieving it and bringing it back, Cody turned back and swam to us.  Hans, Cody, and I ran down the bank, and Cody leaped for it again, but whined a little and turned back.  Whether he couldn't see it well, or whether he was just too tired to go that far I'm not sure, but either way, we watched as this well-loved toy floated down the river.

Of course, I would much rather lose the Zisc than lose Cody, but it was still a bit depressing.  What was more depressing, though, was Cody's reaction.  He just kept looking for his Zisc.  Anything that floated by was treated as a possible Zisc sighting.  Cody would whimper, leap out into the water for a closer look, and come back, dejected.  He searched the ground, hoping that it was merely hidden.  He looked to us to see if we were playing some cruel trick.  Seeing Cody Bug so upset almost brought me to tears.  Poor guy!

Eventually, though, he decided he could play with the other dogs.  Now, while we are one Zisc shorter, Cody is tired and smells like river.  He's snuggled up on a towel next to me, and I think he is simply the most precious creature.  In fact, I think he's so precious that I may just have to order a new Zisc tomorrow.  Until then, rest well Cody.  I'm sure your Zisc will find a happy new home.

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