Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Man I Could Have Married

I could have married a doctor.  He'd be a surgeon.  He'd have rich, chestnut hair and abs of steel.  I'd never have to worry about money because he'd provide.  I could spend my days lunching with the girls and shopping...and sleeping.  I would smile because life would be easy.  
     I'd visit him at lunch and I'd pretend to not notice how the nurses look at him.  I'd keep his dinner warm when he was late coming home, and I'd save it for later when he didn't come home at all.  I'd reason that all I got from him was worth being ignored or forgotten.

I could have married a high-profile businessman.  He'd be driven and hard working.  He'd wake every morning at 4:00 a.m. to go to the gym and get his training in.  People would look at us in awe at dinner parties and social events simply because of the power we radiated.
     I'd pretend not to care that he refused to workout with me because it messed up his mojo.  I wouldn't let my feelings get hurt when he'd mention what part of my body needed tightening or suggested I spend another day with my trainer.  I'd learn to keep my mouth shut when discussing business, because my husband would obviously be the smarter man, and I wouldn't want to embarrass him.  I would convince myself I deserved it when his harsh words turned into sharp blows.  I should have done something better.

I could have married an adventure traveler.  Our adventures would lead us to places like Bali, Indonesia, and Peru.  We'd tell our friends amazing stories about tiny villages and how we were welcomed into peoples' homes.  We'd be fun and eccentric, and all of our friends would be a little jealous at all the fun we had together.  Our blogs and photos would look like something out of an adventure magazine.
     I would convince myself that settling down wasn't important to me.  I would tell others how much kids would just get in the way, and how I love my life of freedom.  I would pretend I wasn't upset when my husband told me that dogs just weren't a good fit in our life.

Obviously, none of those men are the man I married.

The man I married is hard working.  What he can't provide financially, he makes up for in labor and love.  The man I married wakes at 4:30, not so he can get his gym time in, but rather so I can get mine.  He works a full day of hard work, and then he comes to the kennel to help me run it, or he goes home to clean.  He takes care of me when I'm sick, and he soothes me when I'm upset.  While he may not always fully understand my love of dogs, he accepts it and supports it.

There are a lot of different men I could have married, but I only married one.  And that man is the right one for me.

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