Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

The weather is warmer, the birds are singing, and I am HAPPY!

For the past few mornings, Hans and I have been enjoying the warmer temperatures by taking the dogs on walks through the neighborhood.  To be honest, I enjoy afternoon walks better (it's even warmer, and the sun is brighter), but I have been loving the fact that we can even get out.  Just a few weeks ago it was too cold to consider!  I LOVE hearing the birds singing in the morning.  I LOVE seeing the blossoms on the trees.  I LOVE not having to bundle up is sweatshirts and coats!

I also love the fact that we found this in our magnolia tree:

Yes, things are going quite well.  Hans and I are getting ready to do some major yard repairs, and that really has me excited.  I can't wait to host a summer barbeque! 

I hope it's as wonderful where you are as it is here!  Happy Spring!

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