Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I do not need another dog.  Cody is all I have ever wanted in a dog.  I do not have space for another dog.  I'd be lying if I said I don't have time.  I'm a dog trainer.  I always have time for the dogs.  That being said, there are plenty of reasons that I shouldn't want to keep Merlin, yet every time I look in the big, hazel eyes (yes, they're hazel) I can't help but think how hard changing homes might be for him.

Merlin is slowly adjusting to life here, and I wonder if he'd do well somewhere else.  I know how he was at his old home, and while he wasn't unhappy, I don't think he was particularly happy either.  Don't get me wrong.  His foster mom was wonderful.  I just think he needs a lot of structure in his life.  Not all dogs need so much (Cody gets away with a lot), but he definitely needs it.  And the more I work with him, the more affectionate he becomes.  Will his new owner treat him the same?  Will they be able to recognize the signs when he's sick?  Will they be able to notice when his hips hurt a little?  Will they be able to walk him and keep him on a good heel? 

I keep hoping that a friend or family member or even a client will adopt him.  I mention him to everyone I see, but part of me is kind of hoping I can keep him.  The other part of me feels like I'm cheating on Cody.  Of course, if it came down to Cody or Merlin there wouldn't be any question.  Cody is here forever and ever, no matter what happens.  I am, however, growing quite attached to Merlin.  Oh, and Cody seems to be enjoying him too.  Every evening the two of them will play and play and play.  Merlin doesn't play as long as Cody wants him too, but he does seem to enjoy the play time.  Plus, I watched yesterday as Cody briefly licked Merlin's face.  It wasn't long, nor was it overly affectionate, but it was cute. 

Over the past few days, I've watched Cody transform from stressed and hyper to jealous over another dog to just down right relaxed.  That makes me happy.  Would that transition have happened if Merlin hadn't been here?  So here it is blogland:  I need help!  Please adopt Merlin or buy me a house so I can keep him.  Actually, scratch the adopting part.  A house would be great for everyone.  :P

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